Wishing you all
A Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year 2015


Merry Christmas Everyone


We hope this Christmas enriches your life,
May each day be happy and bright,
Christmas is forever, not for just for one day,
Its for loving, sharing, giving, caring
Overflowing with pleasure and delight.

May your all Christmas's be filled with love,

Merry Christmas Ladies

On behalf of WWI and all the staff we would like to take this
opportunity to wish you and yours a very


Merry Christmas
and a Happy and prosperous New Year

May yours be the Blessings of Christmas
and always the gift of His Love,

May the New Year bring you Health
Happiness, Joy and Love,


We would also like to extend to you our thanks
for your spirit of companionship,

Choose a gift for yourself or choose them all:)

Merry Christmas

Ladies these are your gifts- choose one -or choose them all



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Many thanks to our wonderful Staff & Members for their
 participation, caring, sharing and being more

than just friends:

You have shown the spirit of Christmas not only
at this special time, but all the year through,
bringing laughter, joy and sometimes tears
together we overcame all-
 in friendship and sisterhood:
Many thanks Ladies
Icemaid, Anne



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