Wishing you all
A Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year 2015


Merry Christmas Everyone

We hope this Christmas enriches your life,
May each day be happy and bright,
Christmas is forever, not for just for one day,
Its for loving, sharing, giving, caring
Overflowing with pleasure and delight.

May your all Christmas's be filled with love,


Dear Members

On behalf of WWI and Staff
we would like to take this opportunity to wish you
and your families the very best for Christmas

and Good Health, happiness in the New Year 2015


Many thanks to our wonderful Staff for their
 caring, sharing and being more

than just friends:

You have shown the spirit of Christmas not only
at this special time, but all the year through,
bringing laughter, joy and sometimes tears
together we overcame all-
 in friendship and sisterhood:
Many thanks Ladies
Louise, Icemaid, Anne

Christmas Gift

Throughout the years this journey made
With gentle thoughts of love displayed
For spirit urged to follow star
To praise the Lord from near and far

So this journey made of grace
Each one with gift of life embraced
To fill the void of love we seek
As God and Angels softly speak

Go to where the Child is Born
Within the glow of Midnight's storm
Within a manger He is Blessed
In poverty by Love professed

The greatest One of Life is Born
Shepherds gaze and sheep are warm
As star is sparkling overhead
Where Baby Jesus rests His head.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright December 2004



May yours be the joy of the angels
proclaiming that first Christmas Day,

May yours be the Faith of the Wise Men
as they journeyed to where Jesus lay,

May yours be the awe of the shepherds
as they followed a voice from above,

May yours be the Blessings of Christmas
and always the gift of His Love



Many thanks to our wonderful Staff & Members for their
 participation, caring, sharing and being more

than just friends:

Many thanks Ladies
Louise, Icemaid, Anne



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